Methadone Treatment Centers

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Medical staff supervises this outpatient program.  The patient is assisted in breaking the drug habit with the use of methadone and counseling therapy.  The program provides daily methadone medication and prepares individualized detoxification schedules under the supervision of the Medical Director at the appropriate time in the course of treatment.

Counseling and Referral Services

     Individual appointments to evaluate progress

     Group, educational and peer support sessions

     Family sessions upon request

     Referrals to appropriate community agencies

     Medical evaluation and referrals

     Vocational and educational guidance and assistance

Methadone Therapy

     Outpatient Maintenance or Detoxification

     Detoxification programs of 30 days to 6 months

     Long-term methadone maintenance



Once the patient has completed detoxification and no longer needs methadone therapy, our program offers the patient an AfterCare counseling program without charge.  AfterCare has no time limit, but the patient will be required to have and pay for regular drug screens.  The purpose of AfterCare is to help the patient continue to focus on a drug-free lifestyle and to explore satisfying alternatives to drug use.

We believe that methadone is medically sound and useful in the treatment of opiate addiction when used in a controlled and well-organized program.  

We also believe methadone is but a small part of the rehabilitation process of opiate addiction.

The success of any methadone program, whether public or private, lies primarily within the strength of its counseling component.  The level of caring and concern the staff demonstrates toward the patient, balanced with the respect for the structure and rules of the program and its regulating agencies, directly correlate to treatment success.